Guest Post: Your Vegetable Gardening Intro

I love vegetable gardening for a few reasons. It’s a great way to get a bit of exercise and fresh air. Also vegetable gardening is a great way to get fresh vegetables and to save money.

I find gardening vegetable or flowers is a great way to decrease my stress levels.

People find having their own vegetable garden gives them control over our own health, plus it’s a very rewarding hobby the entire family can enjoy.

When Jenny and I go to the Moncton Market we see a lot of people who make money having their own vegetable gardens. We tend to give away a lot and are trying our hand at preserves this year.

Some people have a vegetable garden at the YMCA community gardens and some even grow their veggie gardens and donate the produce to local food banks.

Grow Your Favourite Vegetables

Our vegetable garden is for the things we like the most. I like to grow tomatoes, this year we have 5 varieties and plan to preserve some for winter cooking. We have tomatoes with just about every meal.

I have suffered migraine headaches for most of my life and found out they were mostly due to poisons on our food so for me personally organic vegetable gardening without using pesticides has changed my life, for the better.

Does Size Matter In A Vegetable Garden

We soon found out that we didn’t need a huge vegetable garden to enjoy the experience. We enjoyed it so much we have increased our vegetable garden size each year since we started.

We learned about Square Foot Gardening to make the best use of space and to give weeds no place to grow. We were growing 3 or 4 times the vegetables my parents grew in the same amount of space.

One thing we found with SFG is that we never have to walk through our garden so the soil never gets packed down depleting the soil and roots of oxygen.

Next year we are adding another section to our vegetable garden which will double the size for more savings and more preserves.

Written by

Warren Prinz

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