Dog Breeds for Hunting Rabbits and the Beagle Dog Breed

There are three main ways to get rid of rabbits, either trap them, use ferrets or shoot them with the aid of a good dog

The best dog breeds for hunting rabbits are any member of the hunting dog group with a good nose for scenting game and a willingness and ability to follow a scent trail without becoming distracted. If you are not sure which dog breeds are classified as gun dogs, we recommend that you go to one of the Kennel Club websites such as the American Kennel Club, the United Kingdom Kennel Club or the Canadian Kennel Club. On each of these sites they hold lists of the breeds recognized within the category for your information.

Before we start to talk on this subject we would like to remind all US hunters that when using shotguns are only federally approved nontoxic shot is allowed. Always obtain appropriate landowner and/or tenant permission to shoot, and the always observe the shooting season which may apply within the region.

Rabbit hunting can be enjoyable and becomes an essential duty when rabbit numbers on any land holding exceed sensible numbers, plus it isn\’t a complicated sport. It can really be as simple as a quiet walk with any of the dog breeds for hunting rabbits, your old single-shot and a pocketful of shells. With rabbit hunting is also going to have to be a bit of luck if you are in the right place and the bunny will run by you. Assuming you know what you are doing there will be rabbits around you, and it is the dog that should be able to sniff them out where, hopefully they are lying low away from their burrows.

By the way, apart from potentially bagging some rabbit for the pot, rabbit hunting is also a good way to introduce new hunters or youngsters to the outdoors. Rabbit hunting is a fairly safe sport. However, it is imperative that to remain a safe sport that certain safety rules be adhered to without exception. Make sure you know those rules before you start.

Now here is a tip. Dog breeds for hunting rabbits and humans both miss rabbits which are holding tight (playing dead) in their hidden position even when in close proximity. Moving more slowly and performing a more thorough search of the area is the best tactic and in the end is likely to flush a rabbit and provide a shot. Dogs are helpful if you have them, but not entirely necessary. You\’ll probably see more rabbits with them, than without, but depending on the dog, you may not be able to take shots if the dog is too close. Hunting accident statistics clearly indicate that most accidents occur as a result of mistaking another hunter for game.

When did rabbit hunting with selected dog breeds for hunting rabbits first start? Dogs of this type were taken to Rome and may have been imported to Roman Britain. Small hounds are mentioned in the Forest Laws of Canute which exempted them from the ordinance which commanded that all dogs capable of running down a stag should have one foot mutilated.

Where are the rabbits most likely to be found? The best advice is to seek out either evergreen bushes or other vegetation that forms thick enough tangles to provide significant cover, even without its foliage.

The rabbit hunting seasons open in some countries on the first of September and runs through to the end of March allowing seven months of rabbit hunting.

Of all the dog breeds for hunting rabbits Beagles are specially trained hounds that rely exclusively on their smell to chase and kill rabbits, and bringing a pack along with you on your hunting sessions will surely make a difference. However, no pack of beagles, no matter how well trained and experienced, will do the whole hunt because you, as hunter, have to play your essential role in the final success.

The Beagle is a popular family pet as they are known for their affection and loyalty. They can be good playmates for children and get along well with other pets and younger puppies Bred for their independence, the Beagle should not be allowed off-leash because they have a tendency to wander.

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